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  • Any display

  • Blacktown Rose Championship consists of:

    • 3 Exhibition Roses, Distinct

    • 1 Vase of Bunch Roses, 

    • 3 Stems, same variety, 

    • any 1 of the following:

      • 1 Vase Floribunda consisting of 1-6 stems, or 

      • Vase Floribunda consisting of 10-25 florets, or

      • Bud to full bloom 4 stages, or

      • Vase of decorative roses, 3 stems same variety

  • 3 Exhibition Roses, Distinct

  • 3 Exhibition Roses, Any Color

  • 1 Exhibition Rose

  • 1 Vase Decorative Roses, three cuts, 1 cultivar

  • 1 Vase Roses, ‘Bud to Full Bloom’, 4 stages, bud to show color

  • 1 Vase Roses, Floribunda, 1 to 6 cuts

  • Standard Unit, any other type

  • 1 Vase Roses, Miniature, 3 cuts, 1, 2 or 3 cultivars

  • 1 Vase of flower/s, 3 blooms or cuts, NND

  • 1 Vase of flower/s, 1 bloom or cut

Plants in containers not exceeding 250mm
  • 1 container of Fern or Ferns

  • 1 container of Foliage Plant or Plants

  • 1 container of Flowering Plant or Plants

  • Collection of 3 to 6 Cacti in Individual Pots  

  • Collection of 3 to 6 Succulents in Individual Pots

FLORAL DESIGN (Width 16”-41cm, Height 21”-54cm)
  • Float bowl

  • Any festive arrangement

  • Reflection in a mirror

  • Any other floral arrangement

  • Modern arrangement with branches or foliage

  • Basket arrangement

  • Any Native floral/foliage arrangement

  • Any variety 

Fruit, Vegetable and Herbs
  • Any seasonal vegetable, collection of 3

  • Collection of three different herbs in single container

  • People with disabilities

Other information

  • Pompon types should be under 50mm

  • Rose Society of NSW Standards and Classifications will apply to Rose Section

  • Royal Horticulture Society NSW Standards and Classifications will apply to Miscellaneous Flowers, Plants in Containers and Floral Design

  • Special Prizes: The Samuel Perpetual Award for Best Exhibit of Show. First and Second prize cards are to be awarded, where the standard of exhibit warrants such awards.

  • The Society will award a Special Prize to the exhibitor, not being a nursery­ person, who is the most successful in the Horticulture Section of the Show. A Special Sash and a trophy will be awarded to the most successful exhibitor in the Dahlia, Rose, Plants in Containers, and Floral Design categories

Dahlia Society of NSW and ACT

Standards and Classifications will apply to the Dahlia section. Staged Dahlia blooms should be carried by stems 160mm clear of the container. Unless otherwise stated blooms 160mm and over are to be staged one bloom per vase, and blooms under 160mm are to be staged three per vase. A Standard Unit is a vase of the same cultivar.


Dahlia Sizes:

  • Giant- 260mm and over

  • Large – over 210mm and under 260mm

  • Medium – 160mm & under 210mm

  • Small – 120mm & under 160mm, Miniature – under 120mm


These sizes apply to Formal and Informal Decoratives, Semi-Decorative, Cactus and Semi-Cactus, Exhibition Cactus and Fimbriated Cactus. For Waterlily, Collerette, Anemone, Orchid, Stellar and Single types, the ‘Medium’ size determination applies, I.e. 160mm & under 210mm. Ball type shall be either ‘Small’ or ‘Miniature’.

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