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Preserves, Jams, Jellies and Conserves

Exhibits to be in standard jars, not less than 250gms. All exhibits must be sealed correctly. Plain lids and jars only, no advertising.


1. Bottled fruits

2. Bottled vegetables 

3. Berry Jam

4. Stone fruit Jam

5. Citrus Jam        

6. Marmalade

7. Tomato Sauce

8. Chutney/Relish

9. Mustard Pickles

10. Fruit Butter

11. Apple Jelly

12. Any Other Jam

13. Any Other Sauce

14. People with disabilities


No factory made or packet mixes will be allowed, nor will professional cooks or cake shop proprietors be eligible.


1. Marble Cake (iced)

2. Date and Walnut Loaf

3. Plain Scones (plate of 6) 

4. Pumpkin Scones (plate of 6)

5. Damper

6. Pikelets (plate of 6) 

7. Biscuits (plate of 6) 

8. Patty Cakes (plate of 4)

9. Banana Cake (top iced only)

10. Chocolate Cake (top iced only)

11. Sultana Cake

12. Plain Sponge Sandwich (jam filling)

13. Plum Pudding (steamed)

14. Rich Fruit Cake (un-iced)

15. Boiled Fruit Cake (un-iced)

16. Slice of Own Choice (6 pcs)

17. People with disabilities

18. ASC of NSW Rich Fruit Cake (Must use recipe below)

Icing & Decorating

Exhibitors are limited to one entry only in the following classes.


1. Wedding cake, no less than two tiers, iced and decorated.

2. Novelty cake, iced and decorated, not to be cut.

3. Special occasion cake, iced and decorated, not to be cut.

4. Novice, any cake iced and decorated, not to be cut. Open only to exhibitors who have not won a first, second or third prize in an icing or decorating section in any previous agricultural or cooking competition.

5. Presentation of sugar flowers

6. People with disabilities

Additional Information 

All Exhibits: Must be the original work of the exhibitor, completed within the last 12 months and must be ready for display.


Entry Fee: Seniors $2 per entry and juniors $1 per entry.


Exhibits collection: All exhibits must remain on display for the duration of the show, including items sold, and can only be picked up after 4pm Sunday, or Tuesday and Wednesday between 9am and 12pm at the Trevor Toms Pavilion.


Cooking Entries: To be delivered to the Needlework Room between 8am and 10am on Friday 10th March 2023


Entries are to be bought in via Kent St entry point.


Only one pass will be issued to an exhibitor for five entries or more in any one Category.

Classes will only be judged and prizes awarded if there are 3 or more entries in the class. A judge may overrule this condition if the judge deems the entry to be of a high standard.

Entry Forms: A copy of your entry form/forms must be retained by the exhibitor for collection of your exhibits.


Prize Money: Collection of prize money will only be issued after 4pm on Sunday. 


Exhibits: All exhibit and entry forms must be marked either Not for Sale (NFS) or For Sale with the price clearly marked. A 10% commission will be charged on all sales. 


Judging: Judges reserve the right to re-classify an entry with the judge’s decision being final. No correspondence will be entered into.


Security: All reasonable care is taken to ensure no loss or damage to exhibits left in our care. However, no responsibility will be taken by the Blacktown City Show Society Inc. for any loss or damage to any exhibit.    

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